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TV's Gayest Ol' Time Since The Flintstones

We tend to look at mid-season replacements with a bit of skepticism. After all, if ABC really loves In The Motherhood so much (please cancel this already so we can get our Ugly Betty fix), why weren't they shoving it down our throats back in September instead of Opportunity Knocks? (If you haven't heard of that one, by the way, you're not alone.)

That being said, some of this year's midseason replacements excite us so much that we're already dying to buy on DVD. And one of those, of course, is NBC's Kings. The show's concept left me skeptical at first: brought to us by the folks behind Heroes, the show is set in a modern-day metropolis-kingdom that is torn by war. A young soldier, David, rescues the Prince from behind enemy lines. Suddenly David's thrust into the limelight and must deal with power struggles and people who would love to see him fall back to his lowly origins. Sure, the show had Deadwood's Ian McShane, but Penn students have such limited time for TV, so if we're going to watch metropolitan elite fight for power and prestige, we'll just stick with Gossip Girl.

But a recent development has caught our interest. It seems in this modern-day rags-to-riches tale, the Prince is the biggest fairy.

In a new twist on Salic law that is so perfect we couldn't have made it up, it would appear that the whole reason Jack falls into the king's good graces is because he doesn't want his son to inherit the throne. And after all, what royal family wants a queen to become a king?

So here's what we're predicting. Expect lots of comic relief from the prancing prince Jack's gay boyfriend (we're picturing Mark from Ugly Betty) as they crunk the night away at their favorite gay club, where there will almost certainly be men in uniform making out (subtle crticism on don't ask, don't tell!). We also expect that Jack's entourage will include his manicurist, and that before the season's over, someone will end up in a drag ball. If we're lucky, this show will spark the biggest controversy about stereotypes since Cavemen or we'll end up with a guest appearance by Cher or Celine Dion.