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Disney Is A Little Bit Racist?

As a member of today's generation, we experienced the Disney Renaissance of the 90's that brought us a whole host of new classics. Where would we be without the inspiring story of The Little Mermaid or the Oscar-nominated grandeur of Beauty and the Beast? Sure, Disney gave us unreal expectations about love and life, but if that was the extent of the psychological damage we suffered from The Lion King, we were willing to accept that. Besides, today's youth should be so lucky.

But in a way that only an Ivy League university could, Penn has found a way to destroy our childhood nostalgia. Through obsessively stalking the Twitter page of one of our professors (who probably reads this blog), we found a project from an ASAM class that we doubt you'll see on Penn's YouTube channel. The video takes a critical look at racism in Disney and we're not sure what's more shocking: the clips from Fantasia at the end of the video or the fact that a Penn student's class project has nearly 300,000 views and 3,000 comments. Either way, you'll never see Mulan the same way again.