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Fling Party Round-Up


Even though Penn-sanctioned Fling doesn't start until Friday, we at UTB must admit to already being in Fling mode. It's hard to concentrate on class when our minds are filled with thoughts of fried Oreos, lemonade, and the other drinks for which we'll be using lemonade as a chaser. In the spirit of making the week go by more quickly, we thought we might look ahead to the downtown parties that Spring Fling 2009 is bringing us -- the fun starts tomorrow, so get your game faces on!

1. OZ and Tabard's Wednesday Fling Kickoff: Head to Level to celebrate Fling with your favorite off-campus friends. Free fist-pumping for everyone!

2. Beta's Nappy Roots Party: We've told you about this one before. Good band, great cause.

3. Owls' DJ Berrie Party: A mashup-and-self-loving DJ for a mashup-and-self-loving organization.

4. Theos' Milkman Party: We've told you about this one before too. We'll be celebrating at this recently-moved event in honor of our beloved Transit.

5. Castle's Fling Party at G Lounge: In case there weren't enough events on Thursday evening.

6. More Than Music's I'm On A Boat: This "Social Ivy Club" thing totally confuses us, but we appreciate the Lonely Island reference. Hit this party on Saturday night... if you last that long.