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Gulp. Van Pelt Is Apparently Crime-Ridden

The head of library security just interrupted our Rosengarten-based procrastination-fest to announce that two laptops and a wallet were stolen from the first floor of Van Pelt this afternoon. He proceeded to warn us not to leave our valuables when we go to get coffee, because there's a mad laptop thief loose in the building! (Well, he may not have used those exact words. But that was the gist.) Said klepto swiped two laptops and a wallet in thirty minutes. So we're pissed, but actually also kind of impressed.

Mostly, though, we are disheartened. Van Pelt is supposed to be a safe haven, a place where hard workers can wander away from their highly valuable electronics without a second thought. We can't be expected to actually take responsibility for our computers and wallets! What's next? Paying for our food? Throwing out our trash? This aggression will not stand, man.

Now, security guards—or are they cops? Ah!—are wandering around the building, presumably hot on the trail of the bandits. Here's hoping they catch the bad guy soon. We don't want to schlep all our stuff with us when we leave for half an hour to get dinner.