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Just Claim You're Studying For Your Spanish Exam


Today marks one of Mexico's most misunderstood holidays: Cinco de Mayo. Thought by naive gringos to be Mexican's Independence Day (it's not), the occasion was co-opted by Mexican-Americans and has turned into more of a Mexican Saint Patrick's Day than a celebration of the Mexican army's victory in 1862. Regardless, it is a festive day loved and enjoyed by college students the world over, and UTB finds it incredibly unfortunate that what should be a day of raucous debauchery and revelry has to fall during finals.

For those of you who have a free day, we recommend you pop over to 40th and Chestnut to check out Distrito's Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Our friends over at Foobooz let us in on the restaurant's plans for its inaugural Cinco de Mayo bash (in addition to a whole host of other Cinco de Mayo parties around town):

"Distrito enjoys its first Cinco de Mayo with two parties. Starting at 11:30am the first floor will  feature DJs throughtout the day plus $5 Mexican street food snacks and $5 drink specials like sangria and margaritas. Upstairs a special $35 dinner menu will be offered."

And for those of you who may be wary, 35 bucks is about how much you should expect a filling meal at the Mexican tapas restaurant to cost anyway.