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Your Last Chance To Make An Anonymous, Noncomittal Move On Your Crush!


When we heard about the senior class board's "Last Chance to Cuddle" party, we were all, "psssh, as if I'm going to send Brett Perlmutter a list of my crushes." Based on past class board debacles involving user submissions, we guessed that the information would not exactly be secure. But then everybody started talking about the stupid cuddle party, and we were like, "fine, fine, we'll check it out." We visited the page, realized that if you start typing in your e-mail address and get a prompt to complete it that might mean that someone has already entered your name, and immediately became transfixed by the tantalizing possibility that someone might have a crush on us! So we opened up the excel spread sheet where we keep records of all our crushes, calculated the top ten using a complicated formula that incorporates height, future earning potential and number of Facebook friends, and submitted the top ten. Now we're just crossing our fingers for a match. To all the dummies that submitted Gmail addresses rather than webmail addresses: we find your inability to follow directions endearing, see you at the concurrent "Last Chance to be Rejected" party at Ben & Jerry's Friday night?