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Change Is Afoot Under This Button


Loyal readers, you've probably noticed that UTB updates have been sporadic since finals, but we'd like to reassure that we're still here, ready and willing to help you procrastinate. On that note, we've got a few housekeeping-type announcements:

We need your tips! With the UTB staff and Penn in general scattered across the world, we're still getting used to keeping tabs on a less-concentrated-but-no-less-ridiculous student body. You can help us with that by sending us your tips, and sending 'em early and often.  And while you're at it, add us to your gchat list and freaking IM us already, we're hella bored. Now remember, geniuses, it's underthebutton AT gmail.com.

We need new writers! We're always looking for new blood here at UTB, and some of you may have a lot more free time now that it's summer and you're unemployed/your a capella group practices ended/your girlfriend dumped you. Or maybe your life isn't pathetic and you want to write for us anyway, that would be fine too! We're especially interested in some dispatches from incoming '13s. Hit us up.

We want to know what you're up to. In the vein of our short-lived and generally unsuccessful series on "Abrogs," we want to start up a little feature on people that are doing cool things with their summers. Are you interning for Obama? Have you improbably scored a gig as Bernie Madoff's manservant? Or perhaps you are friends with Obama interns and Madoff manservants. Either way, we need to know about it.

We have new summer editors. Devoted readers of this blog will recognize the bylines of Hillary Reinsberg and Charlotte Borgen, both of whom have been upgraded to Summer Editors. They will be around, joining the gang you know and love: associate eds Lauren Lipsay and Jessica Goldstein, all-knowing editrix Julia Rubin, our regular slate of contributors, and your lowly UTB Editor (that's "emeritus" now, trust), whoever-the-hecksky that is.

And there you have it, Earthquakes. E-mail us immediately.