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Water With A Kick, For Free!

We've heard word that some folks from Crystal Light (you know, the low-calorie fake juice/tea/etc. company?) will be cruising around Philadelphia in colorful convertibles today giving away free bottles of water and Crystal Light. We also have it on good authority that one of their stops is going to be somewhere on Penn's campus, some time between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. While we're not so much about the shameless product promotion (or are we?), they claim that their goal is to challenge people to drink more water by using "refreshing and flavorful Crystal Light," and we're all about staying hydrated.

Update: A tipster wrote in tell us that, "At 2pm, the Crystal Light car was parked in front of Auntie Anne's at 34th and Walnut. 1 free water bottle + 2 sticks of water mix for each person!"  We hope fruity fun was had by all. --UTB Ed.