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The Only Time You'll Ever See "Drexel" and "Fashion" Together


Confession: for most people, summer at Penn is not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, you've got Summer Street to look forward to every Thursday, and it's perfect weather for gelato, but July and August are brutal, and the campus feels dead and empty aside from the tourists and prospective students gawking at buildings on the walk.

That's why most people use the summer as their opportunity to really get out of their element and explore everything that Philadelphia has to offer. And contrary to what most of us would like to think, that offering includes Drexel.

This Saturday, Drexel's fashion design and design merchandising programs will be holding their annual fashion show at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Not only is this a great opportunity to see what it is that those people do on the other side of Walnut (we're picturing Project Runway with keggers), but the Naval Yard is a really cool, industrial place that has a completely different vibe to it than University City.

Our friends over at uwishunu tipped us off to the fashion extravaganza, but they also did us one better by letting us know how we can get to the Naval Yard for free. Philadelphia Trolley Works will be transporting guests from 33rd and Market (on Drexel's campus) to the Naval Yard and back for both the 4 p.m. show ($25) and the 8 p.m. ($50; followed by a reception).