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What To Wear To Your College Interview And/Or Yacht Party


We find it frankly mystifying that Greenwich preppies still exist in this day and age -- we hoped that the recession's silver lining was that it had done away with all that madras and seersucker. But alas, as the New York Times's Choice blog points out, preppies are resilient, and they need to know what color polo shirts to wear to their college interviews. Help is available, we learn, in the form of fashion shows for admissions interview looks at Greenwich's Rugby by Ralph Lauren store.

We're not sure what the point of this article is, other than like, ew, but it includes quotes from our very own Dean of Admissions and a rising sophomore named Margot Neuburger, a friend of the consultant who staged the show. Thankfully, Dean Furda does Penn proud, advising students that "What’s most important is that you’re yourself." Provided that you have really high SAT scores, of course.