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Need Some Textiquette? Wired And Brad Pitt Show You How


Remember the days when a PIN was just something you used for ATM withdrawals? Yeah, neither do we. We live in a world of BBM, App Stores and Twittassness (totally a word), a world in which Emily Post's rules clearly no longer apply. Enter Wired's "New Rules For Highly Evolved Humans" feature, an epic compilation of answers to the most pressing questions of our day. Broadcasting your relationship status on Facebook? Hell no. Texting in the company of others? Go right ahead. Talking on the phone while peeing? Definitely not (Brad Pitt says so!).

Our beloved former Editor-in-Chief clued us in to this piece about sharing viral vids and content in a timely fashion. As if it weren't relevant enough to UTB (we do strive to bring you the latest and greatest, after all), a read of the article reveals that Wharton's own Jonah Berger was a source! We love how he studies such favorites as "Lazy Sunday" with a totally Wharton-esque precison, throwing in terms like "velocity of adoption." Somehow, we have a feeling that Wired readers will understand.