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Well, We Don't Mind Living In Pennsylvania


In an article straight out of an Urban Studies class, Money Magazine has compiled its annual list of "America's Best Places to Live." The mag assembles a list based on a quaint list of criteria: "strong local economies... great schools, affordable homes, low crime, and much more." After reading about some of Money's favorite places -- Louisville, CO is blessedly lacking in "pretentious eco-hipsters" and Chanhassen, MN boasts "a carnival, ice-fishing contests on Lake Ann, and skating and hockey everywhere" -- we're less than surprised that only two of Pennsylvania's towns have made the list. Props to West Goshen and Emmanus, but we're not buying this whole list. Perhaps we'd be less annoyed with this whole thing if Money had straight-up called it "America's Best Small Towns," as they did in a cleverly-buried subhead; Philly has plenty to offer -- burgers! Urban Outfitters! Helen Cheung! -- as a large city. Philly didn't even make it onto the list of the "25 Best Places for the Rich and Single." The nerve! Clearly Money has never been to an Owls party. Ardmore just ain't cutting it.