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Underground Secrets! A Time Capsule In The Quad


What if someone told you that in the Quad, under all those tiny dorm rooms, under that Spring Fling moon bounce, under that grassy knoll of silly freshman year memories…there is a TIME CAPSULE?

What if that someone was us?

Indeed, it’s true! Underneath those looming gothic towers, somewhere, there is indeed a real time capsule. Matt Rosler of Penn alum blog Dueling Tampons dug up some old files from a funky little site called the American Time Capsule Database and found the true story about this blast from the past. The capsule, which weighs in at a whopping 450 pounds, was buried in 1940 to celebrate Penn’s bicentennial and holds a speech FDR gave at the celebration. The capsule is set to be unearthed in thirty years from now, in 2040. If you plan things correctly, your kids will be living in the Quad by then.