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A Fairly Great Idea (Get It? Because It's A Fair)

Finally, a Locust Walk Arts Fair! When Penn announced that this would be the Arts and the City Year, we were like, "Fine, whatever, have fun discussing your painting. Let us know when there's an Arts Fair on Locust Walk." And now that day has come.

Today, over 30 arts and culture organizations will set up shop and tell you about all the fantastic things they have to offer. Representatives from the Opera Company of Philadelphia, Kelly Writers House and the Philadelphia Ballet, among others, will be in attendance, so make sure to browse on your way to class.

And don't be a jerk and put the volume up on your headphones and pretend you don't hear them calling your name and then accidentally make eye contact and feel obligated to take a flyer and smile and then just throw it out at the nearest garbage can because even though it's just one piece of paper, it is super annoying to have to carry it. Just don't, okay? Embrace this, and instead of worrying about the flyers, you can focus all your attention on improving your cultural awareness and avoiding that compass (it's on 37th St.). The event will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with October 11 as a rain date. But let's hope the weather stays fair. No, wait...sunny.