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A Little Taste Of Roma


We heard about it back in June, but the new kid on the (Spruce) block finally opened today. Taglio, the pizza concept from the people who brought you Gia, is the latest spot to open on campus. The verdict? DELICIOUS.

The pizzeria's hours are still being figured out (they'll be open at 11 a.m. every day, but are unsure about when they'll close), but everything else seems to be perfectly in place. And like Sprinkles, pricing is done by weight. Depending on the type of pizza you select, it will run you $8.50 or $11.50 per pound, which means a lunch-sized portion could cost you anywhere from $3 to $6.

Let's take a tour!

welcome replacement for the abysmal Savory, Taglio serves authentic Italian pizza. (So, it's pretty much the opposite of Allegro.) Toppings are varied and interesting (egg! potato!), not to mention fresh and flavorful. There are also two pasta options (a lasagna and a penne vodka-type dish), as well as desserts imported from Italy... as in made in Italy, flash frozen and sold here. Fascinating.

One of Taglio's main points of difference is its dough — the pizza is effectively made of focaccia bread. The dough goes through a two day rising process and is cooked in a 2500 lb. oven imported from Italy.

There are several types of seating at Taglio, but our favorite is the big communal table. Made of worn wood, it is long enough to fit your entire hall (or you could always just chat up the cute diner next to you).

And now, the taste test. We tried three different kinds: the patate (white sauce, potatoes, rosemary), the pancetta (pancetta, smoked cheese, scallions) and the solo il rosso (tomato sauce, no cheese). The patate was like a cross between the best garlic cheese bread you can imagine and a tortilla española, the pancetta put other meat toppings to shame and the solo il rosso made us believe that pizza can be just as good sans dairy (yep, it's vegan!). Suffice to say, we were into it. And will certainly be returning soon.