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Do Svidanya, Slavic Department!


Remember the first week of freshman year when you signed up for about a billion listservs because you were so excited about all of the cool things you could do and the cool people you could meet? A few months went by, and you were all, "Um, no thanks," but you forgot to unsubscribe and just created a Gmail filter that sent all that annoying crap straight to your trash folder. But what about those listservs that you magically appeared on? Yes, we're looking at you, Slavic department listserv.

Apparently any and all students who have taken a class in the department are automatically added the department's listserv, and today a fed-up senior finally asked to be removed. Except, instead of pressing the unsubscribe link, she emailed the entire listserv... alums included. This then set off a flurry of reply-all emails to the listserv by dozens of students asking to jump ship as well.

Yes, Penn students are listserv abusers. And don't understand the concept of reply-all. We have to say we were pretty entertained by the responses asking if anyone was going to Sink or Swim tonight though. The best part? The Slavic department contacted the girl who started the chain and warned that sending "pranks" over the listserv was grounds for discplinary action.