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Grab A Burrito And Study For The LSATS!


Radian retail is notorious for taking forever to open, but the Kaplan Test Prep Center (which apparently is right near Smoke's now?) is relocating to that prime spot between Chipotle and the still-under-construction Bank of America. We hear it will be opening the week of November 8, but we won't be holding our breath (coughtaphousecough).

While we suppose this will be helpful for those interested in pursuing advanced degrees, we were hoping that the tenant of the space would be a little more fun. Regardless, it's interesting to note Kaplan's Penn connection. As per Stanley Kaplan's NY Times obituary:

In Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper refused to run his advertisements, and the university denied his requests to hang posters and rent rooms for his courses. He called the opposition “elitist” and distributed T-shirts on campus. Students flocked to his classes.
Oops! We think Stanley would find the center's proximity to the DP amusing. We do.