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You Dropped Them Under-Where?


Listen, we understand that OCR is stressful and that getting a job is hard, and so we're usually totally understanding of the fact that you do what you have to do to secure future employment. However, we just stumbled upon this pair of underwear in front of Huntsman, and considering that interviews start today, the whole thing feels a little suspicious.

We have some words of wisdom to impart, as well as a close-up of the garment, after the jump.

We're not going to say anything but this: Don't sleep with a recruiter, but if you find yourself in a situation where oops, you did, make sure that you don't forget to pull your unmentionables all the way up afterwards. Because if you do, they might fall down on Locust Walk and you might have to just keep walking and hope that no one notices. They will.