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A Little 'Tude About Local Food


Today at lunch Bon Appetit will be hosting an eating challenge. But it's not going to be like that time Kobayashi went head to head with a Kodiac bear in a hot dog eating contest, or like the impending burrito-eating contest at Fall Fest. This "Eat Local Challenge" is hardly a challenge at all.

The gist of the event, which will take place at Commons, Hill, Kings Court and Houston, is that Bon Appetit will prepare a meal using 100% local ingredients, and you will have the chance to stop by their station to eat it.

After the jump: CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

If so, (or if not, really) mention at the register that you know about the challenge, and you can enter a free raffle with the grand prize of "A Penn Pride gift basket filled with sustainable merchandise!"

If you detect a hint of negativity from us here, it's not because we love preservatives or want to see PA farmers cry or anything. We think sustainability is the bees knees. Really, we do! That's why offering students a lunch made from local ingredients once a year has us slightly underwhelmed. We eat so many more meals than that in the average year! Where is that stuff coming from?

Nonetheless, be sure to check out what they're serving up. We hear "Penn Vet Ice Cream" is being debuted at the event, too. The name grosses us out for reasons we can't quite pinpoint, but it should be pretty delicious.