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Time To Pretend You Want A Kia Soul


Let us fill in for Pitchfork for a moment and keep you up to date on MGMT's whereabouts. You guys know about MGMT, don't you? Here is their story: Wesleyan, "Time To Pretend", "Electric Feel", Justice Remix of "Electric Feel", Sex DriveTim "The Freak" Lincecum, "Kids", Sarkozy, NHL 2K10, new album coming out. And now everybody's all up to date! Usually when we tell awesome stories like that, people are like, "More! Tell us more! That can't be the end, can it?" Usually it is the end, but not this time - the next thing the band is up to is a free concert right here in Philadelphia on Sunday as part of Kia Presents: The Soul Collective Tour (so catchy). To get a pair of tickets, you have to test drive the new Kia Soul at the 23rd St. Armory, but driving is so fun, right? We all miss driving when we're at school, right? That's why we all brought racecar beds this year, right?

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