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TwitPenn Volume III


One of our biggest and most important responsibilities is finding out what people are saying behind your back and telling you. I mean, what are friends for, right?

That's why today we're back with a third installation of TwitPenn. The Twitterverse has been talking about your school, and as hard as it is to repeat, we think you should know what they're saying.

So keep reading, and maybe stop rolling one pant leg up.

Huh? What do all four of these schools have in common, aside from location, that could be referred to as "d-bags?" GOT IT! The need to carry items to the gym, or possibly home for Thanksgiving, or Canadian Boxing Day or grandma's 90th birthday! We're full of DUFFLE BAGS!

Yeah, and all you girls in tank tops should come through...we can listen to some "sin-terpol" hahaha

And you honeys with the flip flops? Oh I see you. Maybe you can gimme some sugar and cure my "sin-digestion" rofl

Any ladies wearing scarves in the house? Let's chill and discuss the complexities involved in determining the rates of "sin-surance premiums" tee hee hee

The main function of any search engine is to provide the world with photos of babes, Penn’s campus, and rifle-wielding cats. Thus, by compiling all these things onto his own website (which probably looks a little like this) has thebigdurian made Google obsolete?