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Campus Apartments Loves You Man


UPDATE: This event has been canceled due to rain. Don't cry. If you had your heart set on seeing a movie in the 4000 Block of Walnut tonight, there's still hope.

Tonight at 7:30 Campus Apartments will be hosting an outdoor screening of I Love You Man, starring our very own Paul Rudd. The event is for residents and friends of residents, and since some of us are residents, and all of our readers are friends (aww), that means you!

But where will it be, you ask?

Well you know that parking lot on the corner of 41st and Walnut, down the street from Lee's Hoagie House and right across from Campus Apartments?

Yeah, we didn't either. It's not exactly the biggest, or the nicest, or the most well-lit place we've ever considered parking illegally. But that's where it will be. Really and truly.

On the plus side, we hear that popcorn will be provided, that attendees are encouraged to bring a beverage, and that the movie is intended for mature audiences. Check out the E-vite after the jump. And listen, friend, if you do decide to go, be careful. We mean it.