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You Tipped, We Sipped: Frozen Watermelon Lemonade


Remember that Mike Jones song, "Still Tippin"? We hope it gets stuck in your head and its chorus acts as a little string on your finger that reminds you to always send us cool info. Houston rap: chopped and screwed and so helpful! Recently, you readers were tippin' that Au Bon Pain added tasty frozen watermelon lemonade to its menu, so needless to say (more like seedless to say lol), we had to investigate.

We were surprised to learn they use real watermelons chunks. We know this because we had to retrieve them from the fruit shelf. Not that we're complaining - we are more than willing to cooperate in the creation of a potentially delicious beverage - but we did kind of think the watermelon flavor would be more like this.

Once we got over that disappointment, we were so happy to discover that this stuff is really good!

The watermelon is not overwhelming - it still tastes like lemonade - and they give you the option of whipped cream on top. It's not too sweet or too tart or too frozen or too soupy. Goldilocks status throughout: JUST RIGHT. We're not sure if this will still be our treat of choice once it really gets autumn-y out there, but the fact that this exists reminds us of a simpler time (RIP Jamba Juice) and we like that. The best part of our drinking experience was the end, when the whipped cream got mixed in with the watermelon and the lemonade and WOW. We added that whipped cream so we could look fancy, but then it just went way above and beyond the call of duty. Like when you hire a butler and then he not only teaches you how to tie a bow tie, but helps you defeat The Archer as well.

Anyway, our verdict: it's is as good as the hype led us to believe, and a solid way to spend $3.95 of your Dining Dollar$ when you need a Goober break.