In Which We Melt Over Puppies

Please excuse us while we pull ourselves together.

There were puppies in the Rodin rooftop lounge today! There were so many of them, and they were very cute. They came from the Vet School's VetPet animal therapy program, which according to one of the volunteers generally visits the Ronald McDonald House about once a month and brings adorableness and cheer to everyone everywhere. Whoever came up with the brilliant idea that stressed out college students could use some pet therapy deserves a promotion and a raise.

Here is what Christina Bach, who is in charge of these kinds of programs at the Vet School, had to say about the event:

"Having an animal companion around you de-escalates blood pressure, lowers stress hormone levels and gives an all-around good feeling to people. On Saturday we want to help Penn students take a break from their studies for just one hour and invite them to unwind with some animal interaction."


More pictures after the jump.

Photos by Nick Stergiopoulos and Jessica Sutro