Gimme Fiction (please)

Whenever we have marketing focus groups about the DP, a disconcerting number of people say that they aren't sure whether the things they read in Street are true or made up. (Hey, Lowbrow) We assure you that we tell no lies, but for one week only, we're eliminating all ambiguity. Now you don't have to think!

This is all to say that we are having a fiction contest! We want you to submit your best piece of short fiction (1800-2200 words) and then we are going to publish it as our cover story on February 25th. It will be illustrated and you can brag to everyone that YOU were the best of the best, the creme de la crop, the bee's knees, the cat's get the picture. We'll also publish two honorable mentions on

The deadline to submit is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH! Send your piece to

Check out the Facebook invite here for the same information in a different format.