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Penn Professor Helps To Keep Colbert's Fear Alive


Last week to promote his "Rally to Keep Fear Alive", Stephen Colbert featured his TV personality's biggest fears in a segment titled "Fear For All" on The Colbert Report. Along with being afraid of Mexicans, bears, and Muslims, Colbert claims to be terrified of robots. To help keep his fear alive, he brought in Penngineering professor Dan Lee to talk about how robots (don't) have emotions and whether Lee is, in fact, a robot himself. More screen-shots and witty commentary after the jump.

Just chillin' with Stephen and all the other scary guys on one of the most viewed shows in the country, no big. Oh and the robot is sitting here too. Sup?

It must be sweet to be feared by America's favorite robot-hater. Also, profile pic anyone?

How do we get in on this love fest? We'd prefer to stand between Stephen and his new robot friend, just sayin'.

Don't let Stephen's smile fool you. He is still very much afraid of Lee and his robot, despite the close proximity of their faces. Additionally, just wondering: by the transitive property, does that mean he is afraid of Penn too? If so, we're glad to help keep the fear alive.