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Retrospective: Sexy Football Players Of The Past


Tomorrow, Penn faces off against its biggest historical rival, Princeton. In honor of tradition and school spirit and good looks, we've scoured the University Archives for the most handsome, dashing Penn Football stars of yore. Thanks to our seminar in Advanced Googling 346, we've dug up what we could about these former cuties.

This here is Richard Hannum in 1965. Mr. Hannum was a Friar who went by "Buzz" and is the secretary of the Class of 1966!

Many more cuties after the jump.

Meet Dan Hootstein, who is shot here in 1961. Mr. Hootstein seems to now run a design firm in Boston and is a cute gray-haired older man (you really must click the link for a current photo)

Edward Miller makes a catch in 1963. Edward Miller's name is Edward Miller, so we were not able to effectively stalk on this one.

Here's Frank Riepl in 1957. In a 1955 game against Notre Dame, his first time on the field playing for the Quakers, Mr. Riepl completed an outstanding play that was named play of the season.

The oldest of the bunch, this here is William Assiff on the field in 1956. Records indicate Mr. Assiff played both football and baseball at Penn.