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Yo-Reka Becomes A Salad Bar, Burger Stop Has Paninis


When Yo-Reka opened in 1920 Commons, it sounded like a great idea – yogurt is so cool! Except then it wasn't even frozen yogurt, it was vats of "Greek" yogurt that you had to glop into a container and affix with toppings. Thanks, but the Dannon was fine. Obviously, the Greek yogurt thing wasn't going so hot, and transforming into a "Meditteranean salad bar" after 10:30 a.m. This also would sound like a great idea, or so I thought! Unfortunately though, the whole nasty containers of lukewarm stuff sitting out all day and breeding salmonella thing wasn't scrapped. We're sure the food tastes fine, maybe.

Also, "Burger Stop," the burger place next to Yo-Reka that no one has ever been to now has paninis on its menu, which is, well, whatever.

So to Bon Appetit, or whomever polices these kinds of irrelevant questions, we say this: stop trying to make Commons happen. The only thing that was ever cool about Commons was when it used to have a Jamba Juice and a...what was it...a Chick-Fil-A? And that was too long ago for most of us to even remember.