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And Then Penn Helped Found College In Kazakhstan


Hey, anyone helped a Central Asian country create its first-ever research university lately? Because that's what our Graduate School of Education did in Kazakhstan. You know, casually establishing "Nazarbayev University, an organic, Kazakhstani-run preeminent research university that allows academic freedom and governance."

The Kazakhs, until now, languished under a Soviet-era lack of structure for their higher-education system. But, with the help of Penn GSE, univerisites will now be run by boards, trustees and all that fun stuff! Unfortunately, this means the rich jerkoff from that rival prep school will probably totally get in cuz his dad's on the board, but whatever, Nazarbayev is your safety anyways.

Really, when it comes down to it, OMG ALL WE WANNA DO IS MAKE BORAT JOKES.