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Things That Are Worse Than Finals


We know all you wanna do right now is mope about all the finals you have to study for and the papers that won't write themselves. We get it. But in an annoyingly optimistic post brought to you by the girl down your hall who won't wipe that stupid smile off her face, UTB would like to take this time to remind you of all the things that could be worse than finals.

Scroll on down for the 10-item list we compiled that's sure to induce just the right amount of schadenfreude to get you through the day. (Do it. You're obviously procrastinating anyway; at least be productive about it.)

10 Things Worse Than Finals

1. Being on the Endangered Species List.

2. Being extinct.

3. Being this kid.

4. Being friends with your mother on Facebook.

5. Forgetting Mother's Day. (Seriously, get on that. It's this Sunday!)

6. This year's Fling. (Was no one else gonna say it?)

7. Finding out that your milk is kinda funky only after soaking the last of your Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the perfect milk-to-cereal ratio.

8. Those two long, painful seconds of echoing silence that everyone in the room has to endure after you've told a bad joke.

9. Getting caught taking your roommate's clothes out of the dryer before the cycle's technically done...after promising that you'd help her find the asshole whodunnit last time. (Oh wait. That was you, too.)

10. Realizing that once finals are over, you still don't have a job lined up for the summer. (Ed. Note: Willing to mop floors. Call me!)