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Frank Lloyd Wrong


For Penn researcher and alum Jim Gee, owning a designer home is not all it's cracked up to be. Cracks (pun intended) in the roof are just the beginning of a laundry list of reasons someone would likely be dissuaded from buying the radiologist's ex-casa. As if frequent roof leaks, "low ceilings, narrow staircases, cramped bedrooms" and Gee's inability to actually sell the home (oh, the real estate market sucks?) aren't bad enough, the worst part yet may be the fact that philly.com went on to publish all of these shortcomings for prospective buyers people to read. Ha!

Though the first three paragraphs are certainly deceptive, if you do in fact make it to the end of the philly.com article, you'll see that the Ardmore abode is actually a lovely piece of property. $429k worth of lovely property? Gee, we dunno. See for yourself by looking at the images here.