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Penn Kid Parties Thanks To Copa-Esque Bouncers In Hamptons


Yesterday's New York Post featured a piece on the Hamptons bar Nello's, which, according to 19-year-old "Eric," is very easy on IDs. Eric, who is listed in the article as a Penn student, was "throwing back $27 shots of Patron tequila" and had come because Nello's is "the perfect place if you want to meet girls who are DTF." While this sounds like typical Penn douchebaggery, mystery surrounds this alleged Quaker.

Some people think they definitely know the kid, while other self-proclaimed members of the scene doubt he even goes here, saying that's not how Penn does the Hamptons and Nello's is no longer a thing. If you know Eric or have your own Nello's experiences, let us know the deets.

Update: BusinessInsider picked up the story, too.