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People Who Went To Penn: Mehmet Oz


In 1986, Mehmet Oz graduated from Penn with a joint MD-MBA.  Like just about every other student at Penn, Oz was a major overachiever.  He was Class President and later became President of the Student Body during medical school.  Post-med school, Dr. Oz began making tv appearances on Oprah and worked his way up to his own syndicated talk show (which you might catch part of if you ever decide to skip part of that 9AM class next semester).

What separates Dr. Oz from all of the other talking heads on TV?  He's a man who does it all!  He is vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia, director of a cardiovascular institute, and has written over 400 original publications.  He also maintains several patients and performs over 250 heart operations each year.  Like other Penn politicians, he's also got a collection of self-promoting YouTube videos.  This gem was made just in case we forgot that "when I'm not on Oprah, I'm a practicing heart surgeon"