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Things That Are Worse Than Finals Part Deux

It's your second all-nighter in a row and you're kicking yourself in the face for putting all your work off this weekend while you blacked out at formal only to wake up in bed next to your little. You've lost track of time, every day has the dreaded feel of a Sunday night, and you've refreshed your Facebook newsfeed so often that wishing that rando NSO hookup a happy birthday is starting to seem like a good idea.

Well, cheer up. UTB is back again for this semester's heavy dose of reality-check and obnoxious optimism.

10 (More) Things Worse Than Finals:

1. Studying for finals.

2.  Handing in your paper, and then realizing that your Works Cited page looks like this.

3. This phenomenon.

4. Realizing that Shoutout was about you.

5. Realizing that Shoutout was not about you, but since you wouldn't shut up about it, everyone thinks it was about you anyway.

6. Being buried alive by your husband because he’s bored of you.

7. Being single because everyone's bored of you.

8. Getting walked in on mid-writing a passive-aggressive note to your roommate. ("Whatcha doin'?" "Oh, uh, nothing." "What's that note?" "Oh, what, this? Oh, it's nothing." *crumple crumple*)

9. Being the only schmuck in the room who doesn't know what to do when this song comes on.

10. Trying unsuccessfully to flop around and recreate that "pfft" noise so everyone around you in the library knows it was the chair, not you.