The Director Of MoMA Is Coming To Penn Today!


 Props to SPEC Art Gallery for bringing in Glenn Lowry, the director the Museum of Modern Art in New York! Lowry, who's been the head of MoMA since 1995, will be speaking tonight at 7 in the Terrace Room in Cohen. For those even vaguely interested in art, art history or MoMA, this is (duh) a huge deal. Like, huge, huge deal. Tickets are nearly sold out at this point, but if you're lucky you may still be able to snag one online for $5.

Lowry will be speaking on the topic of art and leadership before moving into a question-and-answer session for about 45 minutes. Head on over later! It'll be super neat. In the meantime, check out the poster at right. SPEC Art Gallery is killin' it.