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Family Weekend: Where to Make Them Take You


Let's face it: as nice as it is to see our loved ones on Family Weekend, after a few hours, they're overstaying their welcome. If your grandma is being judgmental and getting overall embarrassing, why allow them loiter on Locust? This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get to hotspots on campus and in University City that you've never made it to - and on your parents' dime. So don't let the fam mess with your rep! After you've covered the worthwhile FW events, make them to take you where you'd never make it otherwise:

1) Morris Arboretum: Mom and dad came with a car! Oh, the luxury. Take the short drive to Morris, which is operated by Penn and is casually the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And there is tons of flora. This weekend is especially convenient because the Scarecrow Walk opens tomorrow and Sunday is the annual Fall Festival! Feel the autumn spirit in the pumpkin patch and revel in the biodiversity.

2) HarBar: Considering the prices of the new Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar and the fact elite 40somethings showed up to its opening in evening gowns, this joint isn't exactly shaping up to be as popular with students as its predecessor. Check it out with the rents and see if all the farm-to-table buzz is legit.

3) Doc Magrogan's Oyster House: White Dog is, like, the most cliche place to dine with your parents, and awkward small talk is unavoidable with the friends' parents you inevitably see at the next table. On the very same block, however, is Doc's Magrogan's new establishment. Owned by the same dude as HarBar, La Terrasse's replacement could provide the perfect meal. And if it's blah, it was their dollaz.

4) Penn Park: If you're like us and don't do sports, you may not frequent Penn Park very often. It's kind of far, but Penn's newish urban oasis could be a nice place to walk around with mom and dad. It's impressive acreage also means it's spread out and thus not packed with acquaintances. And Amy G positively adores Penn Park, so you'll probably run into Madame President herself.

5) The Inn at Penn: Or any hotel, really! The best part about Family Weekend is that they've reserved a clean, quiet room for you to crash in. Get away from the life of shower flip-flops and spend as much time as they'll let you watching TV on a queen bed. Yes, TIAP is a Hilton, but it's guaranteed to feel like the Four Seasons this weekend. Happy using and abusing!