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What's HapPENNing?

So you woke up over break, checked your schedule and got NONE of the classes you pre-registered for? Buck up, kids, the world's going to end in a few short weeks! Here's how you should be spending your last few days on earth:

Student-Athlete Talent Show Who: Penn athletes When and where: Today, 8 p.m.; The Palestra Why: A talent show is at its best a spectacle and its worst a complete train wreck. It's a win-win situation– what do you have to lose? The event coordinators urge you to bring new and gently used hats, gloves and scarves for donation to the homeless, which rules.

Passion Pit and Ra Ra Riot Who: Passion Pit and Ra Ra Riot When and where: Thursday, 8 p.m.; The Electric Factory (7th between Callowhill and Spring Garden) Why: You loved them at Fling, and $29.50, you can experience the same dreamy-droners. Except, you know, without the thousands of Penn kids vomiting in the bleachers. (Fingers crossed.)

The Excelano Project Presents: Mother Tongue Who: The Excelano Project When and where: Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m.; Dunlop Auditorium (3450 Hamilton Walk, behind Lower Quad) Why: It's POETRY, but it's cool, because our friends said it's cool. If that doesn't convince you to go to the show this weekend, the Excelano bunch is a pretty-good looking crowd, so there's that. Seriously though, check out Excelano! Their shows always remind us that creative geniuses not only exist at Penn but walk among us mere mortals every day on Locust. $8 on the Walk, $10 at the door.

Day With(out) Art Who: Institute of Contemporary Art When and where: Saturday 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; ICA (36th and Sansom) Why: Come together with fellow undergrads and the folks over at activist groups GALAEI, Bebashi Fierce Pussy to make ribbons for AIDS awareness and to learn about the ongoing struggles of the HIV/AIDS movement.

Penn Ballet Presents: Variations from the Nutcracker Who: Penn Ballet When and where: Sunday, 4 p.m.; Iron Gate Theater (37th and Chestnut) Why: The Penn Ballet kids are back for their third annual performance of The Nutcracker. GIMME SOME SUGAR PLUM FAIRY KISSES. $8 on the Walk, $10 at the door.