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Things That Are Worse Than Finals v.4

Ugh, people who seriously indulge in and get really heated over the "papers vs. exams" debate. Newsflash: when you've got an exam, you'd rather just sit at home and write a paper, and when you've got a paper, you'd rather just bang out an exam.

As a wise red crab once kindly pointed out, "the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake." Which directly translates to, "finals suck either way, and you people are the absolute worst!"

Click ahead to discover ten more things worse than finals. (And then check out the three previous installments of this feature.)

1. Penn News Today emails.

2. Pregnancy scares.

3. When you're cutting across Rodin Field at 3AM and then, next thing you know, so are the sprinklers.

4. Unsweetened iced tea. And people who order unsweetened iced tea. WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE ONLY PRETENDING TO LIKE IT.

5. Sitting in Van Pelt across from that annoying kissy couple that shares a set of earplugs and giggles to each other.

6. Having to take your roommate's meticulous, 30-minute survey about on-campus dining because he's looking over your shoulder.

7. Being this girl on the left.

8. Realizing you wore your last clean pair of underwear yesterday.

9. Feeling and hearing a mosquito buzz by your ear and then fly away into the vast airspace of your room.

10. Being on the wrong end of one of these chats.

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