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They Might As Well Rename It The Penn Shake

Seriously. The disturbingly viral Harlem Shake videos currently dominating campus and the internet would not exist without Dear Old Penn. The dance has been around for decades, but the song "Harlem Shake" is by Brooklyn-based DJ Baauer, who was born Harry Rodrigues in West Philadelphia. Holla. But wait, there's more! AND IT'S HUGE NEWS. The dude who actually says "Harlem Shake" in those 30-second clips is artist Jayson Musson, whose 2001 song "Miller Time" is sampled...and JayMuss EARNED HIS M.F.A. FROM PENN, after graduating from UArts.

Check out the latest (read: last we'll post) "official" Penn shake above. (Fine, and this rowdy one in Fisher Fine Arts. And scene on this fad.) They probably didn't realize all the double meanings when punnily naming it "Harlem Quake(r)." Con los terroristas!