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Things That Are Worse Than Finals: Fifth Edition

Every semester, there are three sure signs that finals season has rolled around. First—the most obvious—Van Pelt's got extended hours; second, the nursing students have deserted campus; and third, a strict Don't Ask Don't Tell policy on showering has been tacitly ratified by everyone you know and love.

But fear not, for there is a bar of soap at the end of this long, musky tunnel. In the meantime, enjoy these few sprinkles of fresh perspective.

Ten Things Arguably Worse Than Finals

1. Incest.

2. Receiving a notification that Jamie Finkelstein has tagged 9 photos of you from formal, having no recollection of seeing Jamie at formal, and being nowhere near a computer for the next three hours.

3. Cover letters.

4. Getting booty-called by your longtime crush in the midst of a necessary all-nighter.

5. The CVS man at the self-checkout station on 40th and Walnut. (Sad, but true.)

6. This. WHAT IS THIS?!

7. The unanimous shrieks of drunk girls at the first three chords of "Single Ladies."

8. Frankie Muniz's career.

9. Spending five minutes meticulously crafting a really clever status, finally mustering up the courage to click post ... and then waiting as ten minutes go by ... with no notifications.

10. Pants.

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