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To Freshmen, From Upperclassmen


Listen up freshies. Sadly now that NSO is NSOver, it's time to float back down to real life where the Mondays are long and the 2am Wawa lines are longer. But everything's going to be just fine, especially with the elders here to guide you.

Introducing Penn FreshAdvice, a Twitter account that dishes out handy advice direct from your friendly neighborhood upperclassmen. Don't worry, this isn't your mom's "remember to brush your teeth" cue eyeroll okay mom kinda advice (although equally important). We're talkin' real upperclassmen-certified stuff that'll have you acting more like a Pennsavvy freshman and less like a Pennsilly freshboy in no time. You're already reading UTB so you're well on your way. Give Penn FreshAdvice a peep; they're on tumblr too if that's yo' thang.