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We Can't Tell You What to Do, But Easy Social Can


In case you needed yet another Penn events webthing slash aggregator, check out EasySocial. But don't close this tab just yet, because we want to know, seriously, is EasySocial any different from the rest? Well it turns out: somewhat!

ES---can we call it that?---catalogs not only your standard on-campus goings-on, but also those sometimes elusive bar specials and off-campus parties. Plus, it lets you post your very own events. If you're still reading (god bless), here's a bonus info nugget for ya: it was made by two Penn senior guys and honestly, who knows parties better, right?

So when it comes down to it, you've now got events@penn, TheRedCup, and EasySocial all at your disposal. Happy HapPENNings!