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Variations On A HallowTheme: The Sexy Cat


Everyone has been a sexy cat for halloween. You have, your friends have, your mom did in 1978. George Washington dressed as a sexy cat shortly before crossing the Delaware, Moses wore a sexy cat costume up to the summit of Sinai. It's overdone. So before you paint on that black whisker-nose, don a skintight leggings-and-tank-top combo, and call it a party, consider embellishing a little. Some ideas, after the jump. 1. Sexy cat during the Great Depression: 

Smear on some dirt, tear your clothes a bit, and make a sign indicating that your fortunes have evaporated during a run on the banks, and that you (and your poor tenant farmer of a husband) simply want shelter! Pregame by contracting tuberculosis.


2. Sexy Cat Grandma

We all can agree that there's one type of person who really identifies with cats. It's grandmas, or grandmas-at-heart. Noises are loud, and the kids just don't understand... meow? What a perfect use for your Hey Day cane!





3. Actual Cat

Uh, Madison, is that you?


4. Sexy Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are the things on the backs of cars that make the emissions slightly less toxic. If you're still confused, ask someone in MEAM. Luckily this one requires little-to-no body confidence to pull off.

5. Hideous Dog

This year, Halloween falls on opposite day.