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New Study Did NOT Just Try To Cut Me Off

Ummm, HELLO? Hiii? I'm driving here? This idiot just tried to cut in front of years and years of gender equality... Great, thanks pal! A new study done by the Perelman School of Medicine has found that men are better drivers than women, and women are pretty bad at reading maps. On the upside, women are better at remembering things and something called "social cognition skills", whatever that means.

The best part of this Daily News article about the study are the related reading links. Love thinly veiled sexism? Click on "RELATED: MEN REALLY DO OGLE WOMEN'S BODIES: STUDY" Want more? Try "RELATED: NEW BABY AFFECTS MEN'S SEXUAL DESIRE: STUDY". Oh, the all caps are necessary. Young people really respond to screaming.

How about, RELATED: Scientists Find Evidence To Support Exactly What They Already Believe: STUDY. Can I get a Social Psych student up in here? Ugh.