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Flyerer Of The Week: Penn Dhamaka


Flyerers: You don't talk to them, so we did. Starting this week, UTB will be spotlighting Locust Walk's unsung heroes with "Flyerer Of The Week."  Who are they? Why *are* they out there, exactly? What are their hopes, dreams, passions? This week, we start with the loudest dudes on the walk, Penn Dhamaka.

Who are you and why are you out here? I'm Rohan, and I'm here with Penn Dhamaka. We're an all-male Indian dance troupe. Our show, "Paint the Town" is this weekend.

Woah, my phone just started typing in SpanishHold on.

Okay, we're good. How much are tickets? $8 on the walk and $10 at the door, Friday and Saturday.

Great. How long have you been out here today? Two hours. Not bad.

Not bad, not bad. It's also nice out today.

Have you had to flyer when it's not so nice out? Uh, yeah, it was raining the other day, so we moved to Houston instead. When we came back out, it was still drizzling. But we made it.

Wow, yeeeah. We gotta sell as many tickets as possible.

Great. What's the craziest thing that's happened to you on the walk? Whenever there's a tour group, we just go crazy. We turn up the music and start dancing and basically make sure the kids can't hear anything the tour guide is telling them.

Do you know you're potentially preventing several kids from choosing Penn? I know. Yesterday there were these two groups, and they started starting at us. Parents came up to the table to ask about us. And these little kids were standing over there taking videos. Penn probably gets enough applicants, anyway.

Tune in next week for more intimate interviews with those people you've been trying to avoid all year! And go "Paint the Town" this weekend.