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VP Gems: Valentine Edition


Introducing our newest feature, VP Gems, in which we see what Penn's immense library catalog has to offer. 

When it comes to love, few humans possess as encyclopedic a knowledge of the stuff as our own brutalist fortress of information, Van Pelt Library. We took to the stacks (read: online catalog) to see what we could find.


Love And Its Vicissitudes (call no. BF175.5.L68 G74 2005): Your SAT word of the day, 'vicissitudes' refers to an unwelcome change in circumstances or fortune. This book sounds like a downer.

Love and Nausea (call no. PR6073.I457 L68 1995): Could this refer to our endless love affair with plastic bottle liquors?

Love and Human Remains ( call no. PR9199.3.F7175 U64 2006): This is a play, and judging from that cover image, just may be NSFW.

Love and Lockjaw, a black-face farce, in one scene. (call no. 812 W676La): Listen, we're cutting to the chase, this is probably incredibly racist. It's also from 1845. At least it's short?



Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses (call no. HQ536 .G349 200): Have you ever had sex with a split-level suburban-style ranch? It's unreal.

Sex, A Philosophical Primer (call no. B945.S6573 S49 200): If you think this shit is philosophical, you think too hard! It's jusssst physical, nawmean?

Sex and Murder.com (call no. PS3576.U225 S4 2001): Yes, "dot com" is part of the title. We went to murder.com, and it sadly is not a real website.

Sex: An Encyclopedia for the Bewildered (call no. HQ16 .D35 1995): This one is surprisingly not checked out yet. Happy V-Day, Quakers!