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What's HapPENNing?

Before we even get to events, you should be made aware that there are a plethora of things you can do for your sweetheart this week that support some great clubs at Penn.

Whether they're into sonnets (Underground Shakespeare Company,) photography (Stamped Magazine,) selfless devotion to the elderly (Tzedek Social Justice,)  tasty treats (Active Minds) or just a good old-fashioned DP Love Note, Penn's overachieving student groups have made you look like a schmuck if you were just planning on dinner and a movie.

Onwards, to the events!

Tonight: Waltz With Bashir in Harrison Rooftop Lounge. An Oscar-nominated movie about war-torn Beirut is a particularly great way to kick off a week of lust, romance and broken hearts.

Tuesday: SPEC Special Events is randomly throwing us a Valentines party that looks, dare we say, cooler than many of the Feb Club events that have happened so far.

Tuesday: Is Truth Real? An Evening With Dr. Ravi ZachariasThis whole time we were taking it for granted that truth was real. Now we don't even KNOW anymore.

Wednesday: ICA Exhibit Opening: Questlove is going to be there, so we're going and bringing all our friends.

Thursday: Penn Glee Club presents Under A RestBLAZERS! BLAZERS EVERYWHERE! THIS IS A DREAM I HAD ONCE!

Friday: THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. We're even not going to link to the Facebook event, because you were definitely already invited.

House Of Cards Marathon: If you don't got a sweetie and you don't got a Netflix Account, there is hope for you yet. After all, isn't Valentines Day all about publicly doing what you usually do alone in your underwear?

Saturday: The Masti AwardsShake off your love-hangover with some co-ed South Asian shimmying. We predict fan favorite There Will Be Bhangra will sweep the awards ceremony.