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15 Reasons It Doesn't Feel Like Spring Break Yet


Uh, what? It's March already???

Spring break might be right around the corner but it feels like just yesterday we were fretting over finals and flying home for Thanksgivukkawinterbreak. Yet here we are, halfway to May.

Take a deep breath.

If this semester feels like it's been going faster than usual, it's probably because...

  1. ...we've had so many snow days that winter break never actually ended.
  2. ...snow days---even snow hours---are still worth hoping for.
  3. ...CVS still has old, half-off Valentine's day stuff out.
  4. ...we still have to look at our schedule to see what classes we have today.
  5. ...we haven't been to enough office hours to warrant asking for a rec letter.
  6. ...we're still wearing our fur-hooded coats, scarves, hats---the works.
  7. ...our parents have verbalized that they've seen us too recently.
  8. ...midterms are still a very, very real phenomenon.
  9. ...we're still doing OCR.
  10. ...the most beach bod prep we've done is a walk to the fridge during a House of Cards marathon.
  11. ...we still haven't made break plans.
  12. ...we'll be wearing UGGs to the airport.
  13. ...I'm paler than UTB's page layout.
  14. ...still don't have my littlest.
  15. ...we're failing miserably this semester but convincing ourselves it's okay because it feels like the second week of class.
~Nevertheless, we're just grateful for a week off to cuddle with our dogs!~