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People Who Went To Penn: Laurene Powell Jobs

So you bought the Steve Jobs biography and haven't gotten around to reading it? Can't help ya with that, but we can tell you that the first Penn reference happens on page xv. In the "Characters" section, Laurene Powell is described as a "savvy and good-humored Penn graduate" who "married Steven Jobs in 1991." (Hah! Suck on that, Susan Patton.)

But this lady isn't just known for being Jobs' beau. Homegirl went to Wharton, got her B.A. and her B.S. in Economics and then headed west to Stanford Business School—but not before slaying biddies as a trading strategist at Goldman Sachs for three years. OCR success story, right there.

Mother of three, Powell Jobs is also an entrepreneurial powerhouse: she founded Emerson Collective, a social justice advocacy group focused on policy work, and College Track, an education reform non-profit in East Palo Alto. A tough egg to crack, the first interview she did after her husband's death was to promote the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. You go, chica.

Forbes named her Silicon Valley's Richest Woman, but around here, we just call her Laur'. Right? Be our friend, pls?