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Jigsaw Senior Society: The Prank of a Generation


It's been the hot topic amongst senior society-crazy juniors since 1,235 members of the Class of 2015 were "tapped" Sunday for the latest clique of campus leaders: Jigsaw.

UTB has kept mum on this little-known society's validity, knowing it to be a hoax but allowing it to play out. That all stops now. We've spoken with the masterminds of the epic April Fools' trick, who have cancelled tonight's "smoker" at Wishbone.

Not knowing just how many potential new members they were competing with – half the class – many juniors responded enthusiastically at their selection. The vast majority of the student body is a campus leader, after all.

Yes, nearly 250 students RSVPed that they were attending the event, scheduled for 8 p.m. tonight, complete with a one-minute "share your talent" portion and free chicken. Someone sent a video singing a show tune in lieu of his attendance.

Others were skeptical in their responses, noting the smoker's date (April 1) and theorizing that Jigsaw was, in fact, fake. Still, as people gossiped, looked for culprits and kept a sliver of hope that they really were joining the newest exclusive coterie, Quakers were in the dark about the truth. Until now.

How were taps chosen? The first 500 juniors (alphabetically by last name) in each school were emailed, with dual-degree students counted only once, leaving the lucky 1,235.

UTB was more than ready to document the Wishbone mob scene, but the pranksters decided to shut down the smoker before too many resume-happy hearts were broken. They provide Under the Button with this exclusive statement, announcing a charitable twist to come out of the hoaxing:

Since we love Wishbone and don’t want to waste any Penn student’s valuable time, we’d like to publicly state that the Jigsaw Senior Society is an April Fools' hoax. This may have been obvious to a large number of students, but it didn’t stop some 250 from RSVPing. Thanks to everyone who responded and also to the 1235 juniors who received our email. 

The response we got was largely positive, but we apologize if we’ve caused anyone any discomfort. A few students who recognized the hoax suggested that we sell Fling tanks. We’re going to.

If you’d like to buy a Jigsaw fling tank, click this link and fill it out. You’ll only be charged ($20) if we get enough orders to break even, and if we make any profit, it’s going straight to charity. Get your orders in tonight, because we’re placing the order tomorrow.

Happy April Fools' everyone, and we’re still going to Wishbone, so we hope to see you there.


UTB can confirm any profit will be donated, so why not order a Jigsaw Fling tank to add to your collection? The swag is half the reason for joining a club anyway. In this sense, they couldn't be more legit! Or sceney.

So Happy April Fools' Day, ya filthy animals. Congrats to the tricksters on perhaps the most epic schoolwide prank in recent memory. And you're welcome we were there to break the news delicately...before a social shitshow went down at the most hipster fried chicken capital of UCity.

Below, some 100% real Jigsaw email RSVP highlights: 

TAP: I get free soda pop? Ps. Please bring bag of tortilla chips my talent is biting chips into shape of states (only contiguous tho sorry no Alaska or Hawaii, would require too many chips)

Jigsaw: There will be soda and non-carbonated beverages (both alcoholic and not) provided. We will not be able to provide tortilla chips, but if you cannot bring your own, we could arrange for some potato crisps, or you may use the crispy skin of a chicken tender.

TAP: Can u meet me halfway and bring pork rinds for my talent? Also I need half bottle gin for myself or not interested (?) Also I'm technically a second semester sophomore this fall can I still join. I'm 21 so I feel like a senior Lastly can you mail me some chicken tenders pieces family bucket if I can't make it ?

Jigsaw: Sorry, this is a kosher event. The gin will be available, and your year is fine. The chicken won't keep over ground mail and we can't afford express. In lieu of the chicken, we have sent you a fertilized chicken egg, a pound of secret spices, three quarts of boiling oil, and diabetes so you can prepare the meal yourself. Expect the package in 2-4 weeks.


To whom it may concern,

Thank you for reaching out to me and expressing your interest in me as a new recruit for the Jigsaw Senior Society. Having tapped me, I am sure that some of my commitments and involvements on campus are already known. One of these is Penn's chapter of [REDACTED]. Unfortunately, our GBM time conflicts directly with the time of your kick-off event this Tuesday night. As rising co-president, I simply cannot miss our GBMs, particularly as this week we are holding an open-house for members to voice their opinions and concerns about chapter leadership in the coming year.

As a senior society focused on good leadership, I am sure you can understand why it is important for me to uphold my commitment to my chapter and forfeit attending the kick-off event. I am certainly interested in learning more about the Society, and am happy to arrange another time to meet with the recruitment committee if they are interested. If not, best of luck with recruitment!


Hello, I would love some more information about the organization. I am wondering how late this event goes on Tuesday, because I have a prior involvement and could not be there at 8. (by this I mean, like when this chicken gonna run out?)


Why are people saying this is a hoax?

can it not be fake cuz I really want fried chicken